Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2010

The Year

Art of the Ancient World: July 2009–June 2010

Table leg (trapezophoros) with goat head 1st–2nd century A.D., Marble, 2010.372

Standing female figure mid-5th century B.C., Terracotta, 2009.4960

Solidus with bust of Julian II, struck under Constantius II A.D. 355–360, Gold, 2010.37

Jar 3rd–4th century A.D., Glass, blown, 2009.4961

Hemiobol (1/2 ma'ah) of Judaea with male head, struck under Yehexqio (Hezekiah) Mid-4th century B.C., Silver, 2010.38

Head of a man 1352–1295 B.C., Limestone, 2009.5491

Funerary stele of Dionysion, a singer about 2nd century A.D., Marble, 2010.39

Bottle 3rd–4th century A.D., Glass, blown with cut decoration, 2009.4962