Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2010

The Year

Art of Europe: July 2009–June 2010

Draw-Leaf Table (Trektafel) About 1660, Oak, ebony, rosewood, 2009.3991

Wallpaper panel ("Le Souper de Pierrot") Designed by Thomas Couture, about 1855, Block-printed paper, mounted on canvas and stretched on wooden frame, 2009.3992

River God Polidoro da Caravaggio, 2009.4317

King Tiridates before Saint Gregory the Armenian Luca Giordano, Oil on canvas, 2009.4323

Bust of a man (a philospher?) Attributed to Orazio Marinali, about 1700, Marble, 2009.4328

Teapot Richard Sawyer, 1806, Silver, fruit wood, 2009.4338

Hanukkah Lamp about 1750, Silver gilt , 2009.5022

Composition with Blue, Yellow, and Red Piet Mondrian, 1927, Oil on canvas, 2009.5042

Pair of monopodia-supported armchairs about 1810, Gilded wood, modern upholstery, 2009.5258.1-2

Teapot In the manner of Wedgwood Manufactory, 19th century, Stoneware ("basalt"), copper handle, 2009.5367

St. Francis Supported by an Angel Orazio Gentileschi, Italian, about 1600, Oil on canvas, 2010.374