Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2010

The Year

David and Roberta Logie Department of Textile and Fashion Arts: July 2009–June 2010

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Carmelo Pomodoro archival material Related to Carmelo Pomodoro, 1980s, Newspaper, videotapes, DVDs, etc., SC.Pomodoro.1

Documentation (Reflection series) Related to Trabert & Hoeffer-Mauboussin, 1930s–1950s, Newspaper, photographs, and ink and color on paper, SC.Reflection series.1

Arnold Scaasi archival material Arnold Scaasi, mid 20th–early 21st century, Ink and other media on paper; etc., SC.Scaasi.1

Woman's lapel watch Janesich, about 1925, Platinum, gold, enamel, diamond, moonstone, lapis, turquoise, and onyx, 2009.4003

Jabot with two doves early 20th century, Platinum, gold, enamel, diamond, ruby, and sapphire, 2009.4004

Ring with central aquamarine about 1850, Gold, silver, enamel, diamond, and aquamarine, 2009.4005

Green paste Buddha brooch or pendant with diamonds Possibly by Lacloche Frères, about 1920, Platinum, white gold, diamond, and paste, 2009.4006

Platinum, gold, and diamond brooch Made by Black, Starr and Frost, about 1910, Platinum, gold, and diamond, 2009.4007

Gold wristwatch with black opal watch face Piaget, 1960's, 18k gold, diamond, emerald, and opal, 2009.4008

One hundred and fifteen (115) ensembles in one hundred and sixty-four (164) parts Designed by Arnold Scaasi, mid to late 20th century, 2009.4009-4124

Sixty-two (62) Sketchbooks of design drawings with swatches of fabric Designed by Arnold Scaasi, 1958-1993, 2009.4125-4181

Thirty-six ensembles and seven accessories totalling seventy-four parts Decorated by Various Artists, 1980s, 2009.4182-4223

Man's jacket Granny Takes a Trip, about 1967, Printed cotton plain weave, 2009.4374

Woman's ensemble in two parts (skirt and jacket) Designed by Bill Gibb, Autumn-Winter 1972, Skirt: Cotton plain weave with silk (?) pile; snakeskin; silk satin weave; appliqué Jacket: Snakeskin; cotton plain weave with silk (?) pile; fox fur; suede; silk satin weave; metal; appliqué, 2009.4375.1-2

Summer's Opulence bracelet Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, 2008, Polymer clay, steel, glass, and plastic-coated copper wire, 2009.4376

"Village Women" necklace Kathleen Dustin, 2009, Polymer clay, gold leaf, and fluroelastomer rubber cord, 2009.4377

Man's jacket Designed for Comme des Garcons, 1985–1995, Wool plain weave; wool twill weave; plastic buttons, 2009.4378

Man's jacket Designed for Comme des Garcons, 1985–1995, Wool twill weave; cupra rayon; plastic buttons, 2009.4379

Woman's suit (jacket and skirt) Designed by Christian Lacroix, about 1991, Jacket: Wool plain weave; silk plain weave, printed; plastic or glass; metal Skirt: Wool plain weave; silk plain weave; plastic; metal, 2009.4380.1-2

Man's tie Designed by Paco Rabanne, 1960s (?), Silk twill weave, printed; silk plain weave with discontinuous supplementary patterning wefts, 2009.4381