Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2010

The Year

David and Roberta Logie Department of Textile and Fashion Arts: July 2009–June 2010

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Woman's fringe necklace late 1970s, Painted cloth with a gold-colored cord, 2010.312

Altar carpet about 1865, Wool plain weave (?) (triple woven), 2010.23

Woman's necklace mid 1970s, Resin or plastic and glass, 2010.315

Woman's evening dress Designed by John Galliano, 1999, Silk knit; silk embroidery; tulle; plastic, 2010.228

Length of fabric 1930s, Rayon plain weave, printed, 2009.5484

Woman's necklace mid 1970s, Leather, amber, and feather, 2010.314

Kimono (katabira) mid 18th–mid 19th century, Ramie plain weave, stencil printed (kata-kaneko, suri-hita), painted with sumi ink and embroidered with silk and metallic yarns, 2009.5168

Length of furnishing fabric 1949, Cotton plain weave, painted, 2010.55

Woman's handbag Late 19th to early 20th century, Silk velvet embroidered with silk and metallic thread; silk satin lining; metal rings, 2009.4384

Wrapping cloth (sangpo) early 20th century, Silk plain weave; pieced and hand sewn, 2009.4385

Woman's suite of jewelry in three parts (necklace and earrings) 1972, Papier mache (?) and glass, 2010.316.1-3

Wrapping cloth (sangpo) 20th century, Silk plain weave; pieced and hand sewn, 2009.4386

Length of commemorative fabric early 21st century, Cotton plain weave, printed, 2010.60

Length of fabric early 21st century, Cotton plain weave, printed, 2010.64

Mourning ring 1792, Gold, enamel, pearl, 2009.5489

Ring early 20th century, Gold and tiger's eye, 2009.5488

Fourteen (14) Japanese propaganda-print garments and one obi late 1930s–early 1940s, 2010.333-347

Brooch with fish and acanthus leaves about 1900, Gold (18kt) and diamond, 2009.5485

Woman's ensemble in five parts (bra top, pair of earrings,necklace,hand bag, haltertop) late 1970s, Bra top: Suede and mirror Earrings: Suede, mirror, and white metal Necklace: Suede and mirror Handbag: Suede and mirror Halter Top: Leather and plastic, 2010.313.1-5

Length of suiting fabic 1960–1965, Wool twill weave, printed, 2010.56