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David and Roberta Logie Department of Textile and Fashion Arts: July 2009–June 2010

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Woman's ensemble in four parts (dress, hat, bandeau and wrapper) Designed by Christian Lacroix, Spring 1987, Dress: Silk plain weave, printed; silk tulle; lace; plastic Hat: Braided straw; metal Bandeau: Silk plain weave, printed; metal Wrapper: Silk plain weave, printed; metal, 2010.385.1-4

Woman's suit (jacket and skirt) Designed by Christian Lacroix, about 1991, Jacket: Wool plain weave; silk plain weave, printed; plastic or glass; metal Skirt: Wool plain weave; silk plain weave; plastic; metal, 2009.4380.1-2

Woman's evening dress Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, Fall/Winter 2005, Silk satin weave; silk plain weave; sequins; ostrich and cock feathers, 2009.5096

Woman's ensemble in two parts (jacket and dress) Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, Spring/Summer 2005, Jacket: Cotton knit, painted; sequins; silk plain weave (crepe) Dress: Cotton knit, painted; sequins; silk plain weave (crepe), 2009.5097.1-2

Thirty-eight (38) ensembles in one hundred and sixty-nine (169) parts, three (3) pairs of woman's shoes, one (1) bracelet, one (1) man's collar, one (1) woman's harness, one (1) unisex coat, and one (1) parka in two (2) parts Designed by Helmut Lang, 1999–2005, 2009.4580-4625

Casement fabric: "Interplay" Designed by Larsen Design Studio, 1962–1964, Heat set synthetic (Saran) monofilament warp knit, 2009.4393

Woman's skirt Designed by Ralph Lauren, 1970s, Wool twill weave, printed; plastic, metal, 2009.4392

Woman's dress in two parts (dress and slip) Designed by Louiseboulanger, about 1930–1932, Dress: Silk plain weave; rhinestones; metal Slip: Silk plain weave, 2010.294.1-2

Woman's evening dress Designed by Hervé Léger, 1993, Rayon and Lycra knit; plastic, 2010.229

Length of fabric: Harvest Moon Designed by Karen MacDonald, 1969, Cotton plain weave, printed, 2009.5035

Woman's cocktail dress Designed by Bob Mackie, 1980s, Silk plain weave; sequins; rhinestones; plastic sequins, beads; tulle, 2010.227

Woman's ensemble in three parts (vest. halter and pants) Designed for Missoni, 1970s, Vest:Silk knit Halter: Silk knit Pants: Silk knit , 2009.5171.1-3

Sixty-four (64) fashion plates Published by Mme. Demorest's Mirror of Fashions, 1860–1879, Ink and color on paper, 2009.4516-4579

Woman's skirt Mountain Artisans, early 1970s, Plain weave Cotton and silk (?), printed; plain weave rayon (?), 2009.4985

Brown cotton Tomie Nagano, 1997, Cotton plain weave; ikat; cotton filling; pieced and quilted with polyester thread., 2009.5098

Woman's dress in two parts (caftan and dress) Designed by Leo Narducci, about 1972, Caftan: Silk plain weave (chiffon), printed Dress:Silk plain weave, 2009.5481.1-2

Bar brooch Possibly by Oscar Heyman & Bros., about 1915, Platinum, white gold (14kt), diamond, and sapphire, 2009.5486

Man's hat Manufactured by P. & C. Habig, 1940s, Wool felt, wool braid, metal, leather, feathers, silk (?) satin, 2010.299

Length of fabric: Illusion Designed by Barbara Pegg, 1965, Cotton plain weave, printed, 2009.5031

Bangle bracelet Elsa Peretti, early 1970s, Ivory, 2010.536