Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2012

The Acquisitions

Art of the Americas: July 2011–June 2012

United States Patent for Roswell Gleason's Magic Caster about 1871, Ink on paper, SC.Gleason III

Lot of Roswell Gleason archival papers Roswell Gleason, ca. 1799-1885, Paper, SC.Gleason II

Lime Green Icicle Tower Dale Chihuly, 2011, Blown glass, steel, 2011.1634

Coffeepot Myer Myers, about 1750–65, Silver, wood, 2011.1646

"Skyscraper" desk and bookcase Designed by Paul Theodore Frankl, about 1928, Walnut, paint, brass handles, electrical wiring and light bulb, 2011.1647

Screen Designed by Donald Deskey, about 1930, Wood, canvas, metal fittings, aluminum leaf, paint, 2011.1648

Twelve-piece vanity set Manufactured by Tiffany & Co., designed and made 1934, Silver, mahogany, mirrorred glass, Bakelite, velvet, 2011.1649.1-12

Pair of vitrines about 1937, Nickle-plated metal, painted wood, glass, 2011.1650.1-2

Table Possibly designed by Jules Buoy, about 1937, Nickle-plated metal, painted wood, 2011.1651

Godfrey Lowell Cabot Lilla Cabot Perry, 1916, Oil on canvas, 2011.1652

Armchair 1750–1800, Mahogany, leather, 2011.1682

Armchair 1700–1750, Cedar, leather, 2011.1683

Armchair 1800-1900, with 18th-century leather upholstery, Cedar, leather, 2011.1684

Box 18th century, Walnut, 2011.1685

"Boston Lighthouse" cocktail shaker International Silver Company, designed about 1927; made about 1927–29, Silverplated metal (probably chrome), 2011.1686a-d

Apple Pendant Ruth Roach, about 1960, Silver, silk cord, 2011.1687.1-2

The Dancing Bear Anne Lyman Powers, about 1952, Oil on canvas, 2011.1688

Vase Grueby Faience Company, about 1897, Glazed stoneware, 2011.1689

Feather plate Maria Montoya Martinez (Poveka or Water Pond Lily), 1960, Blackware, 2011.1690

Bowl about 1915, Earthenware with slip paint, 2011.1691