Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: The Museum Year 2012

The Acquisitions

Art of the Americas: July 2011–June 2012

Bowl about 1880–90, Carved wood with ivory and abalone inlay and glass beads, 2011.1692

Cigarette box Marie Zimmermann, about 1925–35, Patinated silver, leaded enamel, patinated copper, bronze, purple stone, white stone, 2011.1861

Match box holder (two stones) Marie Zimmermann, about 1915–35, Enameled copper, leaded enamel, 2011.1862

Compact Marie Zimmermann, about 1915–35, Plated gold, star sapphire, mirror, 2011.1863

Adam Babcock Henry Pelham, about 1774, Watercolor on ivory, 2011.1897.1-2

"Four Tube Bud Holder" Designed by Ruth Gerth, designed about 1933; made about 1933–40, Chromium-plated metal, 2011.2006

Old Model of Munich William Michael Harnett, 1882, Oil on canvas, 2011.2083

Two tripod dishes, five pottery vessels, one Peccary effigy knob, five effigy supports from pottery vessel, one feline effigy metate, one figure, one seated figure (sukia) 800–1400 CE, Earthenware, earthenware with slip paint, or stone (basalt?), 2011.2084-2095, 2011.2448

Bowl John B. Jones, 1825, Silver, 2011.2096

Pitcher about 1800, Creamware with glazed decoration and gilding, 2011.2097

Oil lamp about 1840, White opaque glass (molded), brass, 2011.2098

Oil lamp New England Glass Co., East Cambridge, Massachusetts, about 1830–40, Glass, 2011.2099

Punch set designed about 1937–38, Chromium-plated metal, wood or plastic, 2011.2100.1-14

Chalice and Paten about 1560, Silver-gilt, 2011.2101.1-2

The Tribuna of the Uffizi Amasa Hewins, about 1830–33, Oil on canvas, 2011.2102

Study for Lincoln the Frontiersman Avard Fairbanks, deisgned 1940-44; this cast 1980-89, Painted plaster, 2011.2103

Choker Marie Zimmermann, 1938, Gold, jade, enamel over gold, pink tourmalines, garnets or synthetic rubies, 2012.1

Nude Virgina True, about 1930s, Oil on canvas, 2012.150

Carved whale about 1870, Red cedar, paint, 2012.152

An Officer of Crane's Corps of Artillery Joseph Dunkerley, about 1777, watercolor on ivory, 2012.153