Hats receiving flat mounts fell into two general categories: simple unstructured hats in good condition and hats that would normally require a shaped mount but could not be mounted due to poor condition.

Man's cap, French, 18th century, Embroidery, The Elizabeth Day McCormick Collection, 43.314.

The standard for hats with embroidery or raised decoration is an e-flute tray containing a muslin-covered batting pillow. For undecorated hats, PhotoTex tissue could line the tray in place of the pillow.

Cap, Velvet, The Elizabeth Day McCormick Collection, 44.263.

This hat rests on a padded lifting board with a twill tape loop attached. A pillow covered with polyester stockinet sits inside the cap, and another pillow is placed between raised ribbon layers. The long ends of the ribbon are rolled onto tubes of acid-free paper and secured with twill tape.