The Art of the English Regency Gallery houses English decorative arts from 1795 to 1830, featuring the collection of Horace Wood Brock.

The Art of the English Regency Gallery, inspired by antique draped interior designs of the early 19th century, features a tented fabric ceiling and approximately fifty objects, many of which have never been on public display. A focal point in the room is a gilt bronze and jewel-encrusted bust of George IV, presented by the royal family to the king’s physician. Rare furniture, wall lights, and ornamental plaques by designer and collector Thomas Hope, who helped define the Regency style, are included. Also on view are furniture and other objects made and designed by George Bullock, who specialized in brass and tortoiseshell marquetry. Additional works by Bullock’s brother, William, and by the father-son team of Benjamin Vulliamy and Benjamin Lewis Vulliamy, clockmakers to George III, are on display. This gallery highlights recent gifts to the MFA from Horace “Woody” Brock’s collection and features one of the finest groupings of English Regency furniture and decorative arts in any American art museum.

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