Favorite paintings and objects from the MFA’s collection of Italian Renaissance art on display in a new location.

The gallery contains favorite paintings from the 15th and early 16th centuries like a small octagonal panel by Fra Angelico and Botticelli’s Virgin and Child, reframed for this installation. An elegant Saint Michael, rediscovered in the Museum’s storerooms, adds to the range of gothic paintings on view. Rare objects such as a porcelain cruet for oil and vinegar, decorated with sea creatures and made in the Medici workshops, reveal the ambitions of Renaissance craftsmen. Paintings with gold-leaf backgrounds show the continuity of medieval traditions into the 15th century, while others display a more up-to-date fascination with ancient Roman architecture. Objects used in everyday life, like jewelry related to weddings and a painted tray that was made to celebrate the birth of a child, provide a look into Renaissance family life.

Works of Art in the Gallery

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