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Clay cone or nail

Near Eastern, Mesopotamian, Sumerian
Neo-Sumerian Period
2144–2004 B.C.

Object Place: Sumer, Lagash (Tello), Ur-Bau


Overall: 1.8 cm (11/16 in.)

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Ancient Near East Gallery (Gallery 110)


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Foundation deposits

Foundation deposit in the shape of cone/nail made of clay with inscription in Sumerian: “For Ningirsu (a god) the warrior/hero of Enlil (a god), Ur-Bau, ruler (or governor) of Lagash, the child born by Ningal (a goddess), the guide to the pleasant habitation, the Eninnu (Temple of Ningirsu in Lagash) of the shining Imdugud-bird, he built, he restored it to its place.” Formal temple dedication.

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Gift of the Misses Amy and Clara Curtis