Cylinder seal

Neo-Assyrian modeled style. Two heroes attacking human-headed winged bull. Almost certainly a representation of Gilgamesh and Enkidu fighting the Bull of Heaven. Hero at left, Enkidu, brandishes an axe, has short beard and short skirt with tassles and is naked above waist. Hero at right, Gilgamesh, wears cap, has long beard, long garment and carries bow and quiver. Cuneiform inscription above winged bull.


By 1965: with Mrs. Oric Bates, Mrs. F. Carrington Weems, Mrs. Horace L. Mayer. 1965 given to the MFA by Mrs. Bates, Mrs. Weems, Mrs. Mayer, 10 November 1965.

Credit Line

William Francis Warden Fund and Gift of Mrs. Oric Bates, Mrs. F. Carrington Weems and Horace L. Mayer

Cylinder seal

  • Near Eastern, Mesopotamian, Assyrian, Neo-Assyrian, 883–612 B.C.
Legacy dimension: 35 x 17 mm
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Ancient Near East - 110