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Everything's Happening

Suara Welitoff (American, born in 1951)


Duration: 9 minutes Aspect Ratio: 4:3

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Medium or Technique

Single-channel video (color, silent) 4:3 aspect ratio

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Americas, Contemporary Art


Film and video

9 minute loop

Materials Include:
Continuously looping DVD (silent), three signed DVD’s and a Digital Beta Master.

In a single, fixed-camera shot, Everything’s Happening silently depicts a frenzied flight of individual bodies in and out of its frame. Often blurred, their fragile figures seem to lose their constitution as whole beings. Are they a school of fish? A pack of floating microbes, or birds in migration? Their varying distance from the camera provides a sense of depth in space on the flat plane. The video’s silence, serene black and white palette, and moments of nearly pure white evoke the peaceful pauses within our feverishly fast cycles of life.


The artist, with Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston, MA: sold to museum June 2010 (Accession date: June 16, 2010)

Credit Line

Museum purchase with funds donated by Manuel de Santaren


By Suara Welitoff © 2010 film/video