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New Instruction Book for S.T. Taylor's System

November 1894


Height x width: 15 3/8 x 11 1/4 in. (39 x 28.5 cm)

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For Le Bon Ton et Le Moniteur de la Mode United

Bound set of six fashion plates held together with two metal staples at left edge. First plate shows a woman in a black or dark purple dress looking over balcony at cavalrymen processing (No. 296). Second plate shows woman in green dress with fur trim getting into a coach (No. 297). Third plate shows a woman in a brown striped dress and black hat reading a catalogue in a museum (No. 298). Fourth plate shows a woman in a purple dress with a veiled hat walking with a stick down a street (No. 299). Fifth plate shows a woman in a brown dress with red accents and a veiled hat walking down a staircase (No. 300). Sixth plate shows a woman in a blue dress waving a handkerchief at a cricket game (No. 301).

Text at top and bottom same on each page. At top: “New Instruction Book for S.T. Taylor’s System Edition 1894 Published Febr’y 1st SEE ADVERTISEMENT ON LAST PAGE.” At bottom: “Volume 43. Nov. 1894 / [plate number] / LE BON TON ET LE MONITEUR DE LA MODE UNITED / NEW-YORK S.T. TAYLOR CO. NEW-YORK / 930 Broadway Editors & Publishers 930 Broadway”

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