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Sonnets et eaux-fortes

Publisher Alphonse Lemerre (French, 1838–1912), Designed by E. Renard (French), Etched by Alfred Prunaire (French, 1867–1900), Compiled by Philippe Burty (French, 1830–1890), Poet Jean Aicard (French), Etched by Léon Gaucherel (French, 1816–1886), Poet Autran (French), Etched by Émil Lévy (French, 1826–1890), Poet Théodore de Banville (French, 1823–1891), Etched by Edmond Morin (French, 1824–1882), Poet Auguste Barbier (French, 1805–1882), Etched by Félix-Henri Giacomotti (French, 1828–1909), Poet Louis Bouilhet (French, 1822–1869), Etched by Célestin François Nanteuil (French, 1813–1873), Poet Henri Cazalis (French, 1840–1909), Etched by Armand Queyroy (French, 1830–1893), Poet Léon Cladel (French, 1835–1892), Etched by Gustave Doré (French, 1832–1883), Poet François Coppée (French, 1842–1908), Etched by Charles Jean Louis Courtry (French, 1846–1897), Poet Antoni Deschamps (French, 1800–1869), Etched by Jacques Jules Veyrassat (French, 1828–1893), Poet Emile Deschamps (French, 19th century), Etched by Joseph Victor Ranvier (French, 1832–1896), Poet Léon Dierx (French, 1838–1912), Etched by George James Howard (English, 1843–1911), Poet Emmanuel Des Essarts (French, 1839–1909), Artist Gustave-Adolphe Jundt (French, 1830–1884), Poet Anatole France (French, 1844–1924), Etched by Jean-Léon Gérôme (French, 1824–1904), Poet Théophile Gautier (French, 1811–1872), Etched by Henri Leys (Belgian, 1815–1869), Poet Albert Glatigny (French, 1839–1873), Etched by Félix Élie Régamey (French, 1844–1907), Poet Édouard Grenier (French, 1819–1901), Etched by Edwin Edwards (English, 1823–1879), Poet José-Maria de Heredia (French, 1842–1905), Etched by Claudius Popelin (French, 1825–1892), Poet Ernest d' Hervilly (French, 1839–1911), Etched by Sir Francis Seymour Haden (English, 1818–1910), Poet Arsène Houssaye (French, 1815–1896), Etched by Tancrède Abraham (French, 1836–1895), Poet Georges Lafenestre (French, 1837–1919), Etched by Emmanuel Lansyer (French, 1835–1893), Poet Victor de Laprade (French, 1812–1883), Etched by François Louis Français (French, 1814–1897), Poet Léon Laurent-Pichat (French, 1823–1886), Etched by Jules Héreau (French, 1839–1879), Poet Leconte de Lisle (French, 1818–1894), Etched by Léopold Flameng (French, 1831–1911), Poet André Lemoyne (French, 1822–1907), Etched by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (French, 1796–1875), Poet Robert Luzarche (French, born in 1845), Etched by Johan Barthold Jongkind (Dutch, 1819–1891), Poet Gabriel Marc (French), Etched by Charles François Daubigny (French, 1817–1878), Poet Judith Mendès (French, 1845–1917), Etched by Jules Ferdinand Jacquemart (French, 1837–1880), Poet Catulle Mendès (French, 1841–1909), Etched by Ingomar Frankel (French, 1880), Poet Albert Mérat (French, 1840–1909), Etched by Jean-François Millet (French, 1814–1875), Poet Paul Meurice (French, 1820–1905), Designed by Victor Hugo (French, 1802–1885), Etched by François-Emile Ehrmann (French, 1833–1910), Poet Armand Renaud (French, 1836–1895), Etched by Edouard Manet (French, 1832–1883), Poet Louis-Xavier de Ricard (French, 1843–1911), Etched by Victor Julien Giraud (French, 1840–1871), Poet Charles-Augustin Sainte-Beuve (French, 1804–1869), Etched by Maxime Lalanne (French, 1827–1886), Poet Joséphin Soulary (French, 1815–1891), Etched by Théodule Augustin Ribot (French, 1823–1891), Poet Sully Prudhomme (French, 1839–1907), Etched by Edmond Hédouin (French, 1820–1889), Poet Armand Sylvestre (French, 1837–1901), Etched by Auguste Feyen-Perrin (French, 1826–1888), Poet André Theuriet (French, 1833–1907), Etched by Jules Michelin (French, 1815–1870), Poet Auguste Vacquerie (French, 1819–1895), Etched by Félix Bracquemond (French, 1833–1914), Poet Léon Valade (French, 1854–1884), Etched by Marc Louis Emmanuel Solon (French, 1835–1913), Poet Paul Verlaine (French, 1844–1896), Etched by Paul Adolphe Rajon (French, 1843–1888), Poet Jean Vireton (French, 19th century), Etched by Emile Boilvin (French, 1845–1899), Text printed by Jules Claye (French, 19th century), Printer Salmon (French, 19th century)

Place of Publication: Paris, France

Catalogue Raisonné

Artist and the Book 64; Ray, French Illustrated Book, 268


36.1 x 27.1 x 3.5 cm (14 3/16 x 10 11/16 x 1 3/8 in.)

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Illustrated book with 42 etchings

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(Paris: Alphonse Lemerre, 1869) Folio; [47 ff.], plus 42 plates; contemporary gilt-stamped red morocco (original publisher’s printed wrappers bound in).

Literary illustrations.

Paris: Alphonse Lemerre, 1869


Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Vershbow, by whom given to MFA, September 20, 1961.

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Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vershbow