Trumpet marine (tromba marina) and bow

about 1700

Object Place: France


Length 192 cm, width 36.5 cm (Length 75 9/16 in., width 14 3/8 in.)

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Musical Instrument Gallery (Gallery 103D)


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Long, hollow soundbox; back of five ribs of pine; open at the bottom. Belly of pine extending almost the entire length of the soundbox; the opening at the top providing access to the tuning pegs of the sympathetic strings and covered by a sliding door with open fret-work. Solidly constructed neck with integral peg-box, scroll, and ‘top block’ at the lower end. Single thick gut-string held by a large knot inside the soundbox at the lower end and fixed to a tuning pin at the upper end. Tuning pin of wrought iron with a square head and a ratchet-wheel affixed to it; pawl held by spring against the ratchet-wheel and fixed to a plate let into the left cheek of the peg-box, providing bearings for the tuning pin. Ebony saddle- block at the bottom with a groove for the string. A trembling Ebony nut. Narrow vertical strip of paper glued on the neck front with small cross strips of white paper pasted over it for indication of the nodal points of the string. Inside construction: ‘top block’ recessed for clearance space for the tuning pegs fo the sympathetic strings; oak bridge, with a thin brass strip with spacing notches; similar bridge below. Belly reinforced by a wide bottom panel and four cross strips, all fitted into recesses in the side ribs; bottom edges of ribs reinforced by oak moldings. Belly reinforced inside at bottom by oak molding, serving also as a pin-board for small brass pins holding the fixed end of the sympathetic strings. [Accession card: eight notes marked on fingerboard.]


Francis W. Galpin (1858-1945), Hatfield Regis, England; 1916, sold by Francis W. Galpin to William Lindsey (1858-1922), Boston, Massachusetts; 1916, gift of William Lindsey, in memory of his daughter, Leslie Lindsey Mason, to the MFA. (Accession Date: October 5, 1916)

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Leslie Lindsey Mason Collection