The end of the 1960s was an exciting time for fashion as the counterculture’s challenge to authority expressed itself in new ways of thinking about dress. The emerging hippie culture rejected the dictates of Paris haute couture, adopting instead an eclectic, highly-individual look mixing vintage and ethnic clothing with fashions inspired by contemporary psychedelic Pop art, nature, fantasy, and ethnographic art. For the first time, new trends percolated up from the streets to influence ready-to-wear and even haute couture fashion. “Hippie Chic” takes us on a trip back in time to 1967 to 1972, when fashion embraced personal expression and fun. “Hippie Chic” includes approximately 50 ensembles by innovative designers, hip boutiques, and traditional couturiers, in materials (crushed velvet, eyelet, satin, leather), techniques (tie-dye, patchwork, beads, and fringe), and styles (from psychedelic to retro) that reflect the era’s experimentation, theatricality, and freewheeling spirit.

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