Introducing Curators Circles!

Launching July 1, 2018, Curators Circles will take the place of our Friends Groups and Visiting Committees, combining these groups into a new format of vibrant programming with clear opportunities for engagement, advocacy and support. Curators Circles will be open to all and will provide a new home for collectors, life-long learners, and supporters of our curatorial departments.

The annual contribution to join a Curators Circle will be $1,500, which covers enrollment for two people and complimentary parking at Curators Circle events. These funds will be used to support the events, as well as provide for curatorial priorities such as research, travel, acquisitions, and exhibitions. As Curators Circles are a benefit of leading memberships, you must also be one of the following to join:

  • MFA Member at the Sustainer Level or Leader Level ($850 and above)
  • Museum Council Member ($600 level and above; must be 49 or younger)
  • Patron Program Member ($3,000 and above)

Please check back in the coming months as we prepare for our July 1 launch. Meanwhile, for any questions relating to Curators Circles, please e-mail For any questions relating to your current Friends Group renewal, please e-mail

Levels and Groups

The Museum is no longer accepting payment for Friends Groups renewals at the Fan level as of January 2, 2018. Current Friends Groups events at all levels will continue through June 30, 2018.

Fans ($250 each)

Current Friends Group members at the Fan level may no longer renew memberships after December 31, 2017. Any active Fan memberships as of July 1, 2018, will be transitioned to the corresponding Curators Circle for the duration of their 12-month term, at no additional cost.

Friends of African and Oceanic Art
Friends of Asian Art
Friends of Film
Friends of Photography
Heritage Remixed
Print and Drawing Club

Open to all Museum members.

Enthusiasts ($1,500 each)

Current Friends Group members at the Enthusiast level may renew memberships at anytime. Any active Enthusiasts memberships as of July 1, 2018, will be transitioned to Curators Circle memberships for the duration of their 12-month term.

The Contemporaries
Fashion Council
Karolik Society
Laurel Society
Lotus Society
Swan Society

Open to upper-level Museum members (Membership at $850 or more; Museum Council at $600 or more), Patrons, and Benefactors.