While we all know that the MFA’s collection is an extraordinary resource that grows and evolves over time, what some of us might forget is that part of what makes the MFA’s collection so varied and strong are the donors who give works of art from their private collections to the Museum. Lynn is part of the three person team who manages those donations.

So, what is an average day like in the Gifts of Art program at a large museum with a constantly-growing collection of artwork from around the world? Sometimes Lynn and her colleagues are visiting private collections near and far, often they are discussing estate plans and gift agreements with potential donors, other days they are coordinating shipments and installations with curators, conservators, registrars, and exhibitions staff. Each day is different and involves not just working with art donors but also a wide range of Museum personnel throughout the building, as every aspect of the MFA’s encyclopedic collection can be positively impacted by art donations - from Musical Instruments and American Art to African and Contemporary.

The MFA has over 180 different acquisition funds that are used to acquire works of arts focused on different areas from the collection. Of special importance to Lynn is The Heritage Fund for a Diverse Collection which supports the acquisition of works by underrepresented American artists of color, broadly defined, and other art that broadens the visitor experience by providing a more complete record of America’s diverse people. Lynn is pictured here with one of her personal favorite works of art purchased by the MFA through the Heritage Fund. If you would like to learn more or support the Heritage Fund for a Diverse Collection through direct contributions, please navigate to the Heritage Remixed Friends group or to learn more about the MFA Gifts of Art program.

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