Patron Program Committee
Monday, June 6, 2016

Sibel Bessim, an ob-gyn physician with a practice on Cape Cod and in Boston, recently became a member of the Patron Program and the Patron Committee. A longtime Boston-area resident, she was a frequent visitor to the MFA and joined the Patron Program at the encouragement of Patron Chair Joy Kant.

Over coffee in Taste Café this spring, Sibel shared highlights of her Patron experiences at the Museum. Confiding that she is “a geek at heart,” Sibel enjoys “the extraordinary opportunity to learn about so many different aspects of the Museum from the curators and conservators. One of my favorite events was The Art of Conservation. That event was phenomenal and answered so many questions and inspired even more. It was a pleasure to speak with the Museum’s conservators, who were excited to talk about their work, and it was fascinating to learn more about their tremendous skill, diligence, and care.”

Last fall and spring’s “Hollywood Glamour,” the MFA’s exhibition on fashions from the golden age of Hollywood, was another highlight for Sibel. When the opportunity came to attend the annual Ross Society Seminars, she jumped at the chance to learn more about jewelry and fashion.

She recalled, “Here I was, sitting in a conference room, actually holding a piece of jewelry in my hand as the curator gave us the story behind the object. It was just incredible.”

When the conversation turned to Sibel’s experience as a doctor and the connections she finds in the galleries, Sibel remarked that, in addition to ways the human body is portrayed in sculpture and paintings, she is engaged by underlying themes in the works of intimacy, sexuality, maternity, and fidelity, as well as the art of healing.

“I have enjoyed every part of the Patron experience. In particular, the joy and excitement of the curators makes you feel the same way.”