Patron Program Committee
Tuesday, December 6, 2016

We sat down with MaryLee Halpin, Patron Member since 2002 and member of the Patron Program Committee, to hear about her first experiences traveling with the MFA Travel program to Cuba.

My husband Gerry and I went on our first MFA-sponsored trip in January 2016. Our experience was so positive that we plan to join another MFA trip this year. We have spoken with others who have traveled to Cuba and compared our trips. The MFA offered much that was not available to other travelers:

  • A top-notch itinerary. We had access to fabulous artists, a result of the curators’ personal relationships. Great lecturers spoke about the socio-political environment in Cuba, providing insights into a unique country.
  • The curators. The perspectives of the curators were uniquely valuable, adding context to the art and artists. Their expertise was also helpful to those travelers interested in purchasing art.
  • The guides. The MFA partnered with an excellent company that was well versed in Cuba and provided a local guide who added information to each stop on our itinerary, as well as an insider’s perspective on the evolution of the country and its hurdles going forward.
  • Making new friends. Virtually everyone on our trip was local to Boston, which is not the case when you travel with most tour providers. Back home, it is lovely seeing our new friends at the MFA and in other Boston venues.

For more information about upcoming trips, please contact the MFA Travel office at 617-369-3547 or