Each winter we proudly present a retrospective of Stanley Kubrick’s feature films. From his early noir thrillers to his late-career fever dreams, Kubrick’s work explores a constellation of philosophical questions which foster a deeper understanding of the mind, human nature, and the universe we live in.

There are many reasons to present this retrospective annually. We believe that these films contain a limitless supply of new truths and insights waiting to be unlocked with each new viewing; the experience of watching a Kubrick film is never the same twice. This is true both because the films themselves are so richly laced with meaning, and because there are infinite intellectual positions from which you, the viewer, can choose to approach the films.

With this in mind, we enlisted our friends and colleagues in the field of film-philosophy to share their thoughts about the existential and epistemological threads in the director’s oeuvre. We hope you will enjoy revisiting your favorite Kubrickian masterpiece, and treat yourself to one you have yet to discover.