Ages 3-5

Geometric and Free-Form Shapes
Identify basic geometric shapes found in artwork around the Museum while also searching for more free-form organic shapes.
Activity: Trace cookie cutters and stencils of geometric shapes in overlapping designs to make new, free-form organic shapes.
Instructor: Kara Stokowski

Ages 6-8

Masks and Celebrations
Discover how masks have been used across cultures to celebrate important life events while discussing what we might be able to learn about some of these celebrations based on what the masks look like.
Activity: Make a 3D mask using paper, feathers, and mixed media
Instructor: Sarah Pollman

Ages 9-11

Look at paintings leading up to the Impressionists. Discuss The Salon des Refusés lead by Degas and Monet, and spend time sketching these historic works of everyday scenes in the galleries. What made the works of the Impressionists so exciting? What do you think of them today?
Activity: Painting on canvas in the style of the Impressionists
Instructor: Gianna Stewart


Close Look: the Figure
Discover how artists depict the figure in sculpture using scale and form.
Activity: Sculpt a figure inspired by sculptures found in the Ancient Greek galleries

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