Ages 3–5

Take a closer look at paintings and sculptures that have people who seem to be flying or who have wings.
Activity: Create and decorate your own wings.
Instructor: Kara Stokowski

Ages 6–8

Myths and Made Up Stories
What is a myth? Discover myths and stories while exploring artwork in the Museum’s collections.
Activity: Create a painting of a mythological creature using watercolor and crayon resist and collage elements to make it come “alive.”
Instructor: Sarah Pollman

Ages 9–11

Dance and Movement
Explore how artists can create the illusion of movement, or incorporate actual movement in their art.
Activity: Create a stop-motion animation using an iPad, paper, drawing materials, and Model Magic.
Instructor: Barrett Grizzard


Art and Humor
Discover how artists use humor in their work while thinking about how humor can help engage audiences, address sensitive subjects, or just make us laugh.
Activity: Create a collage that uses humor to make a point. Cut out imagery from magazines and books and recombine to add a layer of humor.
Instructor: Philana Brown

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We regret that there is no make-up, refund, or rescheduling for classes missed by a child, even those due to inclement weather. Refunds are given only if the class is cancelled by the MFA.