The Bay State Banner: Unity, Progress and 50 Years of  Advocating Change by Tracy Strain & Randall MacLowry (USA, 2015, 25 min.). This short documentary brings to light the interesting and telling perspective of Boston through the eyes of the African American community. The story not only celebrates the community but reminds us of the importance of news media like the Bay State Banner in telling and reporting on stories from the viewpoint of communities of color.  

A Ferguson Story by Lonnie Edwards (USA, 2016, 33 min.). A Ferguson Story gives a unique perspective on police aggression and the events following the tragic death of Mike Brown. A meticulously orchestrated culmination of amalgamated footage and sound bites from various amateur photographers, videographers and media outlets narrates this unique documentation of a nation divided.

Followed by a discussion with Tracy Strain and Randall MacLowry, the directors of The Bay State Banner: Unity, Progress and 50 Years of  Advocating Change.