Blade Runner: The Final Cut by Ridley Scott (USA, 1982, 117 min.). Presented on DCP.

Adapted from Philip K. Dick’s book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and set in 2019 Los Angeles, Blade Runner shows us a future where humanoid robots called “replicants” are used for slave labor in the colonization of other planets. Occasionally, a replicant manages to escape back to earth seeking a better life – only to be hunted down and killed by bounty hunters like Rick Deckert (Harrison Ford). After years on the job, Deckert starts to empathize with these synthetic beings, bringing on an ethical crisis.

Of the many versions of Blade Runner, The Final Cut is the closest to Ridley Scott’s original vision for the end product. In this version there is no voiceover narration, no tacked-on happy ending, and the unicorn dream sequence is intact.

This free late-night event is part of the mfaNOW Launch Party. The film and the party are open to everyone.

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