America Needs A Racial Facial by Jeff Adachi (USA, 2016, 9 min.). This is a film about racism in America. It provides a blur of images and video – historical and contemporary – depicting both the division and blending that has characterized the history and treatment of people of color in this country. Beginning with this country’s history of slavery and discrimination against African Americans, eradication and colonization of Native Americans, exclusion of Asian Americans and exploitation of Mexican and Latin Americans, Racial Facial depicts a visual panorama which encompasses the history of oppression and discrimination that has led to continuation of tension, unrest and anger amongst all Americans. 

By Blood by Marcos Barbery and Sam Russell, produced by Marcos Barbery (USA, 2013, 63 min.). By Blood chronicles Native Americans of African descent, or Freedmen, as they battle to regain their tribal citizenship. The film explores the impact of this battle, which has manifested into a broader conflict about race, identity, and the sovereign rights of indigenous people.

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