There and Back (Kiyi Kiyi) by Bilge Demirtas and Ozlem Sariyildiz (2013, 39 min.). There and Back follows rowing women as they pass between the sides of the canal which joins the Aegean Sea, traveling from Dalyan to the Kaunos Tombs and Çandır village. Boats are home for these women, who make their living off of rowing. With boats as an extension of their bodies, they have lived in perpetual motion, forming intertwining relationships both in and with the places they visit. The documentarydelves into their daily lives, whose realities are organized and lived away from the patterns of urban culture and thought.

The Children Chasing the Rainbow (Bûka Baranê) by Dilek Gokcin (2013, 60 min.). Bûka Baranê is the Kurdish phrase for “rainbow.” The documentary opens with a photograph of primary school children taken in 1989; they are positioned in the courtyard of their school in the village of Befircan in the Yüksekova district of Hakkari province. In a corner of the photograph, one can see the rainbow. Twenty-three years after the photograph was taken, one of the students in the photograph, İrfan, returns to the village for the wedding of another student, Aysun. With most of the other classmates in the photograph expected to attend the wedding as well, İrfan sets out on his journey towards the village into the past.