That Cold Day in the Park by Robert Altman (US, 1969, 113 min.). Quiet and cryptic, this film displays Altman’s iconoclastic fascinations: schisms within normalcy, a female subjectivity, and expressive atmospheres. From her window, Frances spies a young man on a park bench. Inviting him inside, she provides the handsome stranger with every hospitality. Little does she realize that her visitor has a complex life of his own, to which he escapes nightly through his bedroom window. The stage is set for conflict as Frances’s loneliness takes on a ferocity that drives the story to a harrowing conclusion.

Preservation funded by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and The Film Foundation. Preserved in cooperation with Paramount Pictures from the 35mm acetate original picture and track negatives, and a 35mm magnetic track. Laboratory services by YCM Laboratories, Audio Mechanics, DJ Audio