Friends from France (Les Interdits) by Anne Weil and Philippe Kotlarski (France/Germany/Russia, 2013, 100 min.). In this unique political thriller set in 1979 inside the deep freeze behind the Iron Curtain, a young couple, Carole and Jérôme, visit Odessa on an organized tour—but that’s their cover story. In fact, they are French Jews on a dangerous mission to visit with refuseniks, Jews persecuted by the Soviet regime. While risk-taking Carole is motivated by politics, Jérôme is driven by his attraction to Carole. In French and Russian with English subtitles.

Preceded by the New England premiere of “Pur” by Anat Vovnoboy (Israel, 2013, 13 min.). In dangerous acts of defiance, Soviet Jewish dissidents in the 1980s risk everything to stage Purim plays.

New England Premiere