Hippocrates, Diary of a French Doctor (Hippocrate) by Thomas Lilti (2014, 101 min.). Screened as part of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival Critics’ Week, Hippocrates, Diary of a French Doctor is a darkly comic portrait of a Paris hospital as seen through the eyes of a young intern, Benjamin (Vincent Lacoste). Confident and determined to become a successful doctor, Benjamin realizes that the reality of the medical world is grimmer than he had imagined. He is overshadowed by his co-junior partner Abdel (Reda Kateb), a foreign doctor who is more competent than Benjamin, but is forced to work as an intern because of his immigrant status. Hippocrates, Diary of a French Doctor offers an ultra-realistic vision of the French public medical system. Directed by Thomas Lilti, an MD himself, the film was a box-office hit in its native France, and earned Keteb a Cesar for Best Supporting Actor.  In French with English subtitles.