Assistive Listening System Watch a collection of contemporary short films showcasing Hispanic cinema across generations. All films have English subtitles.

Martin by Andres Cruz & Osvaldo Montano (Mexico, 2012, 15 min.). Set among the warm, domestic items of childhood, Martin offers a tender account of youth undergoing loss. The film offers an enticing visual texture and color palate to demonstrate the nostalgic imagination of a young boy in the wake of trauma. He acquires a mystical and life-affirming affinity for the wind—as the zephyr’s whooshing pressure triggers precious memories.

The Tuner by Fernando Camargo and Mattheus Parizi (Brazil, 2012, 15 min.). Paulo, a young piano tuner who works in his father’s restoration shop, plays the piano for the feeling it gives him. His ambition is to become a concert pianist. Yet, he alone supports this seemingly farfetched desire as he anxiously awaits a letter from a music conservatory. Shrouded in the dim melancholy of Paulo’s current reality, The Tuner (O afinador) possesses a shadowy and unsteady quality which powerfully communicates the angst of a dream rebuffed.

Pablo’s Villa by Matthew Salleh (Australia/Argentina, 2012, 7 min.). In 1985, the picturesque Argentinian holiday town of Villa Epecuénwas swallowed by an adjacent body of water—submerged and wrecked. Everybody abandoned the town, everybody, except for Pablo Novak. Now more than 23 years later, Pablo’s Villa explores this re-emerged modern day Atlantis through its lone loyal resident, as a fascinating and honest portrait of a man at home in a unique space of ruin.  


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