I Was A Captive in Nazi Germany by Alfred T. Mannon (US, 1936, 72 min.). The true story of Isobel Lillian Steele, “a Hollywood girl in Naziland!” imprisoned by the Nazis for espionage in 1934. Despite fervent opposition from the Nazi counsel in Los Angeles, this independent production was the first American anti-Nazi film to win a Production Code seal.35mm print on loan from Library of Congress.

Sons of Liberty by Michael Curtiz (US, 1939, 20 min.). Part of the series of Technicolor “patriotic shorts” released by Warner Bros. in the late 1930s, Sons of Liberty tells the story of heroic patriot Haym Salomon, the Jewish American financial backer of the American Revolution.

Discussion with Brandeis University professor Thomas Doherty, author of Hollywood and Hitler 1933-1939, follows screening.