Letters from Yarmouk by Rashid Masharawi (2014, 58 min). Messages captured at the Yarmouk refugee camp in moments of extreme complexity; messages siding with life in the face of death; moments of love in a time of war and questions of homeland and exile. This moving film is a story within a story that is told through still and moving images, through voices and scenes that intertwine, painted with hope for a better life. In Arabic with English subtitles.

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Sweat by Hasan Tanji (2015, 5 min.). The journey of a refugee towards an exile he chose, or had forced upon him. A story harsh with wars and conflicts, leaving behind each time a new exile, killing memories, and creating new ones. He remains in constant struggle with place and identity and tries to find stability in his unstable life. This time, this exile, the sea is the last resort. In Arabic with English subtitles. 

Darwish: A Solider Dreams of White Lilies by Torstein Blixfjord (2014, 15 min.). Mahmoud Darwish’s last project—a film featuring a final, intimate performance by the iconic Palestinian poet with a visual response by the director.  In Arabic with English subtitles.