Mr. Kaplan by Alvaro Brechner (Uruguay, 2014, 98 min.). In this eminently likeable, droll comedy, Jacob Kaplan lives an ordinary life in Montevideo. Like many of his Jewish friends, Jacob fled Europe for South America during World War II. About to turn 76, he’s become rather grumpy and restless. Adventure calls, however, when he suspects a mysterious German beach bar owner might be a runaway Nazi. Setting himself on a secret mission, Kaplan recruits Contreras, a more loyal than honest former police officer, to help him investigate. Uruguay’s 2014 entry for Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award, this entertaining black comedy expertly distills a potent mixture of emotional depth and deadpan comedy.  In Spanish with English subtitles. Massachusetts Premiere.

“Hilarious. Walks a tightrope between light farce and tragi-comedy,” Florida Sun-Sentinel.   

Beautiful. I was struck by humor, color, light, composition, and music reminiscent of Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry,” Reel Georgia