My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes by Oren Jacoby (US, 2014, 93 min.). An estimated 80 percent of Italy’s Jews survived WWII thanks, in part, to Italian citizens who risked their own lives to defy the Nazis and save their Jewish neighbors. Among the figures spotlighted by Oscar-nominated documentarian Oren Jacoby (Constantine’s Sword) is Tour de France cycling champion Gino Bartali, who hid a Jewish family in his home and smuggled fake identity documents in the frame of his bicycle on behalf of monasteries sheltering Jewish exiles. Amongst the remarkable stories profiled, is that of physician Giovanni Borromeo who invented a fictitious disease to protect the Rome hospital where he was hiding Jews. In English and Italian with English subtitles. Boston Premiere.

Discussion with Nancy Harrowitz, Chair of Romance Studies at Boston Univeristy, follows screening.