Nun Wa Zaytoun by Emtiaz Diab (2014, 50 min.). Nun Wa Zaytoun takes us on a lyrical road trip through the hills, valleys, and villages of Palestine, following Murad, a cinema-lover whose mission is to bring Palestinian cinema to outlying West Bank communities. From many Palestinian residents encountered along the way, we learn that their attachment to their land, homes, families, and to their fast-disappearing way of life remains as strong as the zaytoun (olive tree) roots and branches, against all odds and despite all they have endured for generations. With an original soundtrack composed by Palestinian composer Saíd Murad. In Arabic and English with English subtitles.

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In the Darkroom with Steve Sabella by Nadia Johanne Kabalan (2014, 15 min.). This film offers an insider’s perspective into the practice of Steve Sabella, a Jerusalem-born, Berlin-based Palestinian artist who uses photography and photographic installation as his principal modes of expression. Two of Sabella’s series—Metamorphosis (2012), which reveals the artist’s transformation after an inner and outer conflict based on his experience of occupation, and 38 Days of Re-collection (2014), which documents the excavation of a forgotten and re-imagined history of Jerusalem—are the focus of the film. In dark, fluid, and deliberate images, personal narratives come to light in the darkroom – the womb that brings images and imaginations to life.

Darwish: A Solider Dreams of White Lilies by Torstein Blixfjord (2014, 15 min.). Mahmoud Darwish’s last project—a film featuring a final, intimate performance by the iconic Palestinian poet with a visual response by the director.  In Arabic with English subtitles.