Rebecca by Alfred Hitchcock (USA, 1940, 130 min.). Joan Fontaine stars as an unnamed young woman who seems to have stumbled into a dream life when she meets and marries the wealthy widower Maxim de Winter (Laurence Olivier). When the couple returns from their honeymoon to Manderley—the de Winter family estate—she quickly discovers that the household is still ruled over by the memory of Maxim’s former wife, the titular Rebecca. As the staff, led by Mrs. Danvers (in a chilling performance by Judith Anderson) relentlessly challenge the new Mrs. de Winter’s authority, the details of Rebecca’s mysterious death come into focus and the young woman’s identity and humanity begin to unravel. This gothic thriller, Hitchcock’s first American film, set a high bar for early film noir and received the Oscar for Best Picture in 1941.

Rebecca will be screened on Blu-ray.