Land of Exodus by Skinner Myers (USA, 2016, 11 min.). Obed, a Mexican street kid with hopes of making it to America, leads a recently kidnapped American teenager to the Mexico/United States border. 

Some Torches Don’t Burn by Christopher Malcolm Reese (USA, 2016, 22 min.). The film examines progress (realized or perceived) in the African-American community since the civil rights era, while telling the story of the films’ patriarchal character Winston. The Chicago killings and black on black crime in general, serves as the catalyst for why this film was created. 

The Good Son by Tomisin Adepeju (USA, 2016, 14 min.). A young Nigerian man is forced to address a secret he has harbored from his parents during a traditional, family gathering.  

The Rat by Vasily Chuprina (USA, 2015, 8 min.). The Rat is a tense thriller, set in modern-day LA. This is a story of policemen seeking to catch a major drug dealer. It delivers an intense, claustrophobic punch that will make you guess, and guess again. 

Press Break by Dan Gessner (USA, 2014, 17 min.). A promising inner city high school basketball star intervenes in the problems of two close friends, but finds his own future and life put in jeopardy.