Roshmia by Salim Abu Jabal (2014, 70 min.). Yousef, 80, has lived in a shack in Roshmia Valley in Haifa since he was displaced from the Wadi al-Salib neighborhood in Haifa in 1956. With him lives his third wife, Amna, a refugee from Yajur, a village southeast of Haifa that was depopulated in April 1948. This endearing elderly couple share a quiet, pastoral life that seems outside of history until the municipality of Haifa decides to build a road through the valley to connect the Mediterranean to Mount Carmel. Their shack is slated for demolition, and the possibility of financial compensation from the municipality creates tension in the relationship between Yousef, his wife, and a friend who is serving as a liaison with the authorities. Filmed over the course of four years, this award-winning film offers a compassionate and heartbreaking look into the effects of displacement on families, communities, and the environment. In Arabic with English subtitles.

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The Last Ten by Hatem Tag (2014, 6 min.). During Israel’s 2014 war on Gaza, a family in Gaza receives a dreaded phone call from the Israeli military. In Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles.