Ayny – My Second Eye 

Documentary directed by Ahmad Saleh (2016, 10 min.). In Arabic with English subtitles.

This award-winning stop-motion animation tells the story of two brothers who leave their mother’s protecting arms to chase their dream of getting the most beautiful oud. As they face the horrors of war, their love for music keeps them strong and alive. Based on a real incident witnessed by the director in a refugee camp.

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Madam El 

Directed by Laila Abbas (2016, 15 min). In Arabic with English subtitles.

Nader and Abed roam the mountains and dig caves to look for historical remains. The two boys deliver the pieces they find to an antiques dealer who gives them little money in return. What they find in one remote cave challenges their friendship. Things become more complicated when adults force themselves into the children’s world.


Directed by Ameen Nayfeh (2014, 12 min.). In Arabic with English subtitles.

As Malik struggles to prepare for his high school examinations, he develops two habits to escape his reality—listening to the radio and secretly observing his beautiful neighbor.

Five Boys and a Wheel

Directed by Said Zagha (2016, 19 min.). In Arabic with English subtitles.

A young father (Ali Suliman) has to help his son out of a petty conflict with the neighbors. As the parents of each respective family are summoned, the discussions quickly spin out of control, testing the father’s values. Set in Jordan, this short film is an Arabic-language adaptation of Raymond Carver’s short story “Bicycles, Muscles, Cigarettes.”

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Izriqaq (Blued)

Directed by Rama Mari (2013, 18 min. In Arabic with English subtitles.

Yassine finds himself in a circle of violence enveloping him and his society. In a land dotted with killing machines, Yassine finds an easy cover-up for his crime. But even in a place where justice hardly ever prevails, truths surface. 

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The Parrot

Directed by Darin Sallam and Amjad al-Rasheed (2016, 18 min.). In Arabic, Hebrew, and Yiddish with English subtitles.

A Mizrahi Jewish family from Tunisia tries to settle into their new life in 1948 Haifa. They are haunted by an unwanted house guest, a parrot left behind by the former Palestinian residents of the home the government has given the new immigrants to inhabit.

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