Neighbor (Gomşu) by Kemal Saldun (2013, 5 min.). After wars, many people never see their neighbors again. This film focuses in on women who have developed the ritual of leaving flowers at the doorsteps of neighbors and loved ones after they have gone missing in times of war. 

Aquarium (Akvaryum) by Ayşegül Doğan (2012, 17 min.). Following her father’s death, Serrin develops an isolating daily routine, much of which is dedicated to looking after her father’s old bookstore. Spending the majority of her time working, it is as though she has buried herself alive within the shop walls and resigned herself to loneliness. Then one day, Deniz walks into her life; his presence inspires Serin to renew her interest in living and leave behind her dull, empty routines in pursuit of a fresh beginning.

First Lesson in Love by Tomer Werechson (2012, 8 min.) A 17-year-old religious girl named Tom and a non-observant street musician named Razi strike a romantic flame at a train station in Jerusalem, which ignites into a dazzling story of young love. 

Blue Hearted Woman – Requiem (Mavi Kalpli Kadin – Agit) byCan Eren (2013, 14 min.). Blue Hearted Woman tells the tale of a beautiful woman who has lived her entire life obsessed with the dream of becoming rich. As a result, she has fallen into incredible debt and cannot go out in public. One day, while she’s scrounging for something to eat, she meets two men—twins. These men propose an unusual deal; they offer to give the woman all the money she needs, in exchange for her lying underground for a couple of hours in place of their mother.

Uncle Seref and His Shadow (Seref Amca ve Golgesi) by Bugra Dedeoglu (2013, 15 min.). Şeref is a 60-year-old farmer living in Western Anatolia. During the Cyprus landings in 1974, his shadow was spotted and he was shot, causing him to return home a cripple. Şeref’s childish attitude and uncontrollable restlessness prove too much for his wife, Asiye, who leaves him and starts living in another house in the same village. But Şeref still loves Asiye, and goes to spy on her. Watching Asiye while she does her laundry, Şeref’s shadow once again betrays his hiding place. In his anger, he yells at his shadow and forbids it to follow him anymore. In response, the shadow abandons him. Şeref and his grandson—who notices that his grandfather casts no shadow—together chase Şeref’s fleeing shade.

The Guest (Misafir) by Haydar Demirtas (2013, 30 min.). Old Bahe has lived in the Orthodox monastery of Deyrulzafaran, in the mountains that crown the city of Mardin, Turkey, since his mother was forced to depart for Syria in 1920, leaving behind Bahe and his two older brothers. Since that time, Bahe has never ceased thinking about his mother and anticipating her return. “Uncle Bahe,” as everyone now calls him, is a much loved fixture in the monastery, and he leaves only on special occasions. It seems that the monastery cannot do without him.