Program includes:

Rapunzel Jackson by Dabling Harward (26 min.). Rapunzel Jackson is the story of a young black girl who’s being pulled by her roots into womanhood by her first perm. Not all little girls have bat mitzvahs or quinceaneras to define them as women; therefore Rapunzel quantifies it by her first perm. But is she a lady now? What else will she lose when she loses her braids?

A Geeks Guide to Love and Romance by Nickolas Gavin. (12 min.). The story centers on Alley Poindexter as an adult, recounting his high school experiences as an awkward teen and his hopeless crush on Trini Darling, the love of his life.

 Didn’t I Ask For Tea? By Rahwa Asmerom & Essence Ward (23 min.). When an apartment falls through, Brandy must scramble to find a place. Too little money, too much advice, and a budding romance make for a humorous, if not nerve-wrecking, search as change in the form of an evolving friendship and an evaporating potential-relationship, is proving to be quite the challenge for this Brooklynite.

 Complete Sentences by Monica Palmieri (10 min.). They have been together for over three years but this morning, over brunch, Eddie’s marriage proposal to Kara takes twists and turns in this short comedy about love, relationships, food and…baseball.