Just for One Day (Sadece Tek Bir Gün) by Tunc Sahin (2013, 23 min.). Can, a young trainee in an advertisement company, is attending a company dinner. Bored and fed-up with the lengthy preaching of experienced colleagues, Can simply cannot control the urge to publically confront his hypocritical superiors.  In his attack, Can reveals private information about his colleagues. After this confrontation, Art Director Kerim counterattacks Can, and the whole thing blows up. Ultimately, another young trainee, Ece, has to escort Can out of the restaurant. Can asks Ece to walk him home, and, on the way, promises to reveal to Ece all of his information sources if she joins him for a cup of coffee in his home. Ece accepts. As they start to talk, Ece finds out that Can knows some ofher very-well kept secrets.

Tutu by Metin Akca (2013, 8 min.). Tutu is the story of a little girl who sells tissues on the street. Her biggest dream is to own the magnificent “tutu” which she admires every day in a shop window. In an effort to achieve her dream, she hides money in a secret, abandoned place, where her mother will not know about it. In her dreams she dances wearing her very own tutu…

The Midpoint of a Very Long Story (Cok Uzun Bir Hikayenin Tam Ortasi) by Ertug Tufekcioglu (2013, 14 min.). We witness Paris at dusk, with an impenetrable loneliness casts over its damp streets.A flat illuminates with anticipation as Mireille awaits her date. Meanwhile, Derun is not certain he will even survive the night. More than just a regular interaction between strangers—angst mixed with attraction, trauma met by excitement, strife overrun by escape—The Midpoint of a Very Long Story offers an intoxicating rendezvous of the senses.

The Monster Toros (Toros Canavari) by Firat Yavuz (2011, 8 min.). The Monster Torosis the terrifying story of a car brand name, infamously called TOROS.  During the 1990s, the monster TOROS would every so often abruptly appear in almost all districts, avenues, and even on small streets; its presence symbolized upcoming cruelties and horrifying experiences for the peoples of an oppressive era.

Take A Deep Breath (Derin Nefes Al) by Basak Buyukcelen (2012, 8 min.). A high school student’s parents take her to the gynecologist for a virginity test. The psychological and physical trauma of the examination brings her to the realization that she does not have control over her own body. She is determined to do anything she can to regain that stolen control. 

Faithful (Sadik) by Cantekin Cantez and Burcu Ayse Esenc (2013, 23 min.). In an isolated mountain village, abandoned years ago by all other inhabitants, Sadık waits faithfully to be reunited with his son and fights nature for survival. Sometimes he takes long walks in the hillsides of the mountains. He cares for tillers, talks to the trees. He listens to the wind to find out about tomorrow’s approaching storm. He repairs broken door. He contemplates his memories while scanning the hazy mountains and dreams about festive old days in this deserted 200 years old village. The question remains: what so strongly compels Sadık to remain in this village? Is it the memories?