Program includes:

On the Path by Amir Sarrafha (15 min.). The husband and wife have lived lovingly alongside one another for years. Now the man is old and frail and death is at the doorstep. The old woman keeps him hopeful by giving him promises of the healing Zamzam water coming from Mecca.

Gnossienne by Abhijit Gajwani (17 min.). After the loss of his wife, Jeremy disconnects himself from the world outside, only to be contacted by his maid, to help to him let go of the grief that he is suffering and to gradually move on in his life.

Brown Boy Bad by Sekou Writes (5 min.). Black fathers discuss race and parenting while driving.

A Short Visit by Miki Benyamini (22 min.). Ben, a young author in the throes of his book tour, returns to his parents’ home for a short one week layover. At the behest of Michelle, a warm mother and astute wife, Russell, Ben’s caring but much reserved father, takes his son on a daytrip to his old Brooklyn neighborhood for the day. This sojourn reveals old friends, stirs loose tucked-away memories and challenges the two to reexamine their strained intimacy, all that was left out of their relationship, and those things that can still be rediscovered.

Counter by Nicholas Bouier  (11 min.). Set in 1942 Indianapolis, Bayard Rustin, stages a reckless one person sit-in at a local diner run by Junior Ray, a rare female business owner. Afraid she’ll lose her business, Junior Ray unsympathetically refuses to serve Bayard a burger. Wagering a staggering $100 against his life and her livelihood, Bayard challenges Junior Ray and the Sheriff to see him for what he is – a customer.

You Lost Me by Sakina Flint (6 min.). Him. Her. A story of domestic violence… Dancing through the pain, she searches for a greater motive to leave, more than the physical torment of the abuse. She falls into a presage that catalyzes her prompt move, which changes her life forever.