Tomorrow was Another Day (Ayaz Vurgunu) by Aydin Kapancik (2013, 19 min.). People work hard for the places they live in. They build the walls and make memories. They want to die where they grew up. Tomorrow was Another Day explores the intense struggle of a man who recently lost his wife. He refuses to go to the city where he grew up, the place where his children are living. For years his wife repeatedly asked to move to the city, but her husband never accepted the idea; and right when he was on the verge of conceding to the move, his wife passed away. Now the only thing that makes him happy is the possibility of his grandson’s arrival to the village.

Tight Space (Dar Alan) by Hasan Demirtas (2013, 15 min.). The village of Hasankeyf is in eminent danger of being submerged by the Tigris River and its entire cultural heritage lost. Ali and his friends work as guides for tourists visiting Hasankeyf, telling the visitors about the beauty of this natural wonder. Following the tours, kids gather to play soccer, but, with each passing day, it gets more and more difficult to find a place to play due to the rising waterline.

33 Years Long Resistance – Mother Berfo (33 Yillik Direnis – Berfo Ana) by Veysi Altay (2013, 53 min.). After a military coup took place in Turkey on September 12, 1980 many people were arrested, interrogated, tortured, executed, and lost. One of those lost was Cemil Kırbayır. Cemil’s mother Berfo was 72-years-old at the time, and for 33 years she searched for Cemil. There was not a single official she didn’t contact in pursuit of her son, but her search was in vein. In 2011, a commission established by the Grand Assembly accepted the fact that Cemil Kırbayır died under torture, but the family was never informed of where they could find his grave.  Berfo died at the age of 105. In August 2013, Çankaya Municipality of Ankara laid the foundation for a park in her memory and put up a statue by Metin Yurdanur in her honor.