The Curve by Rifqi Adnan Assaf (2015, 81 min.). In Arabic with English subtitles.

Three displaced souls—a reclusive Palestinian, a talkative Palestinian divorcee heading to Syria, and a Lebanese TV director—meet by chance and embark on a road trip across Jordan in a VW minivan while discussing their troubled pasts, fears, nostalgic reminiscences, and hopes for the future.

The most recent entry in a long catalogue of films from the Middle East on the experience of displacement, Rifqi Assaf’s impressive debut feature is part road trip movie, part lyrical meditation on the perpetual journey that is exile.

Occupier by Jajie Cook (2016, 3 min.).

This brief video “meditation” is a graphic call to remember the continuing destruction of historic Palestine, which has been happening for the past century and is ongoing now–every day, every hour.

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