Special Program for Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Introduction by Consul General of Germany to New England, Ralf Horlemann.

The People Vs. Fritz Bauer (Der Staat Gegen Fritz Bauer) by Lars Kraume (Germany, 2015, 105 min.). German, English & Yiddish with English subtitles.

Burghart Klaussner (The White Ribbon, Bridge of Spies) and Ronald Zehrfeld (Phoenix NCJF’15) star in this riveting historical thriller chronicling the herculean efforts of German District Attorney Fritz Bauer to capture and bring to justice Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann. With death threats mounting and government intelligence services (in his own office!) employing noxious methods to shut him down, Bauer, a German-Jew, refuses to back down amid a post-war climate where Nazi perpetrators remain at large or newly ensconced in government or corporate jobs. Kraume’s propulsive direction and moody jazz soundtrack give the sinister proceedings a noir edge. Winner of the “Prix du Public” Audience Award at the Locarno Film Festival upon its world premiere attended by 8,000 people at an open-air screening on the Grande Piazza.

“A Masterpiece.” –Der Tagesspiegel

“Beautifully-made drama about the struggle for justice in post-war Germany.” –Hamburg Review