Wedding Doll by Nitzan Gilady (Israel, 2015, 82 min.). Hebrew with English subtitles.

The radiant Moran Rosenblatt (Apples from the Dessert) won the Israeli Academy Award for her portrayal of Hagit, a dreamer who lives with her loving but protective mother Sarah (Assi Levy, Aviva My Love) in a desert town. Socially alienated by a childhood brain injury, Hagit finds escape in designing bridal gowns and miniature dolls out of leftover materials from the toilet paper factory where she works. When writer-director Nitzan Gilady (Jerusalem is Proud to Present NCJF’08) frames her against the stark amber-colored Negev desert, it is impossible not to feel Hagit’s formidable will. Winner of 2 Israeli Academy Awards (9 nominations), and Best Actress, Pirchi Award & Fipresci Prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

“Fantastic…built on two remarkable leading performances…Rosenblatt is magnificent.” –Cinevue

“Expertly drawn characters who are lovingly bound together.” –Variety