When I Walk by Jason Silva (US, 2012, 80 min.). At twenty-five years old, filmmaker and artist Jason DaSilva was diagnosed with a degenerative disease: multiple sclerosis. Without knowing where it would lead, Jason began filming what would be the slow, difficult decline of his body.  When I Walk is a first-person account of the nearly overwhelming loss of everything a vital young man thinks he will be.  Astonishingly, as he struggles through the film making process and the disease, he discovers an unlikely miracle by the name of Alice.  Shorn of pity, Jason refuses to succumb to the ravages of a disease never before documented like this.

The Roxbury International Film Festival

When I Walk

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12:30 pm - 1:50 pm
Alfond Auditorium, G36
$8MFA members, seniors, and students
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